TCI provides services to manage the commercial risks for companies;


  • Trade(credit insurance
  • Surety bond
  • Financing
  • Industrial insurances
  • Reinsurance solutions
  • Financial risk management tools.


Don’t allow the risk manage you; you manage the risk


Sustainable profitability, which is the main objective of a company, can only be achieved by managing risks correctly. Therefore, the following principles have great importance


  • Anticipating risks
  • Risks can be priced
  • Providing protection
  • To be managed with fast and accurate action plans


In this context, TCI services offer different solutions and provide effective tools for companies to minimize and manage the risks arising from their trade and the risks that may arise in the future.


Risk management, by definition, should not be perceived as bringing trade within certain limits and constraints. Risk management is essential for a business to grow with confidence. Companies, like people, need to get out of their comfort zone in order to thrive. If we think of commerce as driving, leaving the comfort zone at a certain speed limit ensures safety. Setting the rules has many variables that require expertise and experience, such as the road itself, the weather, the destination, the equipment of the vehicle. Therefore, traveling with an expert consultant plays an important role in helping companies achieve their goals. Sales that are rejected in order not to take risks is not to take the road at all and only means staying safe for that day; these companies will have to downsize due to competition over time. When we consider all solutions, TCI's core business is directly linked to the goals of companies; it contributes to the growth of companies by taking the right risk and managing it efficiently.


Changing Dynamics of Trade

Today, as in every field, the pace of change in trade is quite high. This pace brings with it great risks that need to be managed well. For many businesses, strategies that worked in the past are no longer useful today. In general, trade is undergoing fundamental structural changes, creating a dynamic unlike any other area of the economy. Over the last decade, macroeconomic trade dynamics have undergone the following fundamental changes.


  • Change in the economy: Importance and establishment of new business alliances, mergers, rationalization, business benchmarking and consulting
  • Change in the field of technology: Technical changes, electronic commerce, modernization, effects of computers and artificial intelligence
  • Organizational change: Internal dynamics of companies, renewed inter- and intra-organizational organizational structures
  • Change in the information domain: Electronic information production and management, big data, intra- and inter-company use of digital media
  • Changes in the social life: Social integration, hybrid work, flexible forms of management and cooperative management.



TCI's Contribution to Trade

  • Trade Credit Insurance
  • Surety Bond
  • Political Risk Insurance
  • Industrial Insurance and Reinsurance Solutions
  • Finance
  • Commercial Risk Management and Financing Services

Why TCI?

Knowledge and Experience: TCI provides you with the most detailed and necessary information. It gets the best offers for financing, risk management and insurance services for your company. It undertakes the time-consuming task of making comparisons and brings you the best proposals for your company. It ensures that the offers submitted by suppliers are improved in your favor in terms of price and content. In addition, with their experience, TCI employees are knowledgeable, experienced, educated and aware of innovations and competitive threats in your industry.


Negotiation: TCI has coperations with a wide range of insurers and providers, so it is not tied to a single company. It represents you, considers multiple offer options and negotiates on your behalf to find the best service for you. With its success in relationship management, it reaches out to service providers both in Turkey and abroad for you. Thanks to its relationships and experience, it customizes existing offers for you.


Customized Solutions: : TCI asks questions to fully understand your needs, so that instead of just purchasing a service, you get a holistic approach to all the risks that affect your company's profitability. With this approach, TCI creates the most appropriate solutions. These solutions can also shed light on your company's problems that have not been adequately considered before.


Supportive: TCI first analyzes the structure of your company and your commercial risks and determines the services you need with a realistic perspective. During the process that starts with the purchase of the service, TCI positions itself at your side, not on the other side of the table, with its experienced team. Thus, TCI will be the first source you will turn to during the operation, including operational transactions such as payment disputes and invoicing.


Renewals: TTCI stays in regular contact with you so that you are optimally informed when your renewal is due. The renewal process begins before the renewal date with a strategic planning meeting to establish goals.